"What a great photograph. You must have a really good camera."

October 10, 2012  •  Leave a Comment

"What a great photograph. You must have a really good camera."

This is a statement that just makes me want to hurl or throw a complete fit, every single time I hear it. And coming in a close second, is photographers who brag about how high end and expensive their cameras are, even though they never take the thing off of the auto settings.

I warn you, I am about to get on a soapbox here.

It's not all about the equipment, although the good stuff does make our life easier. It's about the talent and vision o
f the person taking the photos. It's about knowing how to use that camera and not rely on auto setting to do the job for you.

So this image is just to illustrate the difference between a snapshot and portrait quality image.

Meet my grandson, who will bust a pose for me anytime, anywhere I ask him, whether conditions or location are right for a good image or not.

The original shot was cute, the lighting was right, and the focus was there, but the bruise from his softball playing incident and the ash bucket in the background just takes the viewer's eye off of how adorable this image really is.

With the proper tools and talent, the snapshot is transformed to a portrait quality image.

This is what good photographers do. They take the best image possible, when the opportunity presents itself, with the conditions they are dealt, and with whatever camera they have in their hand at the time.

It doesn't matter if the camera is a point and shoot you bought at Walmart, or a high end digital SLR that cost thousands of dollars, it's all about the VISION of the photographer and about the TALENT and ABILITY to bring that image out for others to see as we do when we shoot it.

And the task isn't finished when the photos are taken. Editing is a must in today's professional photography world. And it takes the right software and a fair amount of talent to manage the edits.

Don't ever believe for a minute that just because a person has a big fancy camera that they can consistently produce portrait quality images. And don't think that because they have expensive software, they know what they are doing with it.

It's true that anyone can take a snap shot, and even get lucky with a few fantastic shots. Hell, even a broken clock is right twice a day. But it takes talent and vision to produce professional quality image with any consistency.

Ok, I am off my soap box for the day. I think I have made my point.


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