Reviews on my handcrafted products

October 15, 2012  •  10 Comments

I have gotten a lot of great feedback on my handcrafted items and decided to open this blog entry so that others can read them as well.

If you notice several comments appearing on the same date it's simply because I have only recently asked people to leave their reviews.

Handcrafted items include my bar soaps, candles, cotton wash cloths, and body butter. 

To read the reviews, scroll to the bottom of the blog and click the arrows to the right of "Comments".

If you have used any of my handcrafted items, please feel free to leave a review comment of your own! Don't worry if you do not see your comment show up right away, sometimes it takes awhile.





I just love the bath set that I got as a Christmas present and look forward to placing an order with you soon. Waiting on you to make up a bunch of the products scented with Butt Naked. It's my favorite scent.
Molly Pease(non-registered)
My family has been using Gila's soaps for about 6 months now. No more dry skin for me and my hubby and so gentle on on our six month old. My favorite is the Clean Cotton fragrance and my hubby loves the unscented and Spice Bars. And it's amazing how much longer these homemade bars last over store bought soap.
Holly Hitt(non-registered)
Using the bar soap on my face, I've noticed my face doesn't get as greasy throughout the day:) Also using the laundry detergent did such a Better job than I ever would have thought! I didn't have the need to add a stain fighter to my wash load nor a liquid fabric softener! I used less detergent & other added products which in return SAVES so much $Money$ I give it 5 stars *****
and The Candles, Oh how I LOVE the Smell of your candles but the blue one u made me was so absolutely the Best smelling candle I've Ever smelled!!
Kathy Siebert(non-registered)
Love the soap, It smells great, does not dry out my skin and it looks pretty just sitting in a dish on the vanity. Never mind how good your bathroom smells after you shower with it!
kelli stewart(non-registered)
Gilas soap leaves my skin amazingly soft & i.don't have to use lotion after wards.
I have a, job that i can get pretty sweaty & the scents-oils gila uses, lasts & when i sweat i smell the soap & ir doesn't get any worse
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