Court date set for Carrie Statler over death of Xavier

January 24, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

In early December Rough Road Rescue was alerted to two dogs left abandoned on a Brewer, Mo. property. Upon arrival one dog was found already deceased.

It was later discovered that the deceased Boxer was owned by Carrie Statler of Perryville, Mo. Statler was charged with animal neglect for the death of Xavier. A Jan. 28 court date has been set.

Eye witness accounts say that the dogs had been left unattended for some time and were not receiving regular feedings or water. A recent winter storm had left temperatures near zero.

Necropsy reports showed that Xavier had died from malnourishment, dehydration, and exposure. Lack of care and nothing more than a wooden box for shelter left Xavier unable to produce enough body heat to maintain in Missouri's frigid temperatures. He died cold, hungry, and alone.

Originally published on
January 24, 2014
Author, Gila Todd


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