My soaps are made from all natural materials. They contain no dyes or harsh chemicals.

Normally scented with essential oils, some bars do contain "type" scenting, but only those that are FDA approved for use on skin. They are not harmful in any way.

During the soap making process, oils or fats and lye chemically combine to create a gentle, conditioning bar of soap, suitable for even babies. Great for any sensitive skin types, this soap does not contribute to eczema or acne.

All of my soaps are handmade in small batches to insure quality and consistency. Hand cut individually, all bars may not be uniform in size or shape, but all generously weigh between 5.2 and 6.3 ounce each.

Aside from bathing my soaps can be used in the laundry as a stain stick for stubborn stains, or shaved into the washer for an added boost to detergent.

I use my lard soaps in my homemade laundry detergent and detergent kits. It’s great for fabrics and low on suds; rinsing easily from your laundry.

Care instructions:
Keep your soap from laying in standing water. Invest in a good soap dish that will allow your soap to drain and dry between washings if using in the bath. Care for properly a bar of soap this size could easily last an individual for a month.
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