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Family holiday slideshow

December 28, 2012  •  4 Comments

Love getting together with my family anytime, but the holidays always make it pretty special. We all usually take a load of images and it's hard to swap and share with only 2 out of 5 of the main family members being online with any frequency.

Normally I choose a few of the best images, work them up, upload them online somewhere and two of my sisters can download, share, and print what they like. But for my family members who aren't online, they kind of get left out.

Then there is the matter of all those silly pics, the really good ones, the outtakes, that I left out of the uploads because there were just simply too many of them to get through. I will look at them periodically on my PC, but likely not print them, and my family may never see them at all. Seems such a waste to have all those images "left over" and not share them with the people that are in them, just because they were a little less than perfect.

So I figured why waste them at all? And why shouldn't the be accessible to those of my family who don't get online? In this day and age I can surely make something out of all those images that we can all enjoy for years to come.

The only logical explanation is a DVD Slideshow. I make slideshows for all types of events, so why not my own? Almost everyone has a computer or at the very least a DVD player. Discs are reasonably priced so all it's going to take is a little time and patience. Well, more than just a little time, but time well spent so that I can share the memories with the ones I love.

This is what I cam up with for my Christmas Holiday slideshow, gathered with my wild bunch.



Linda Hine(non-registered)
Awesome job love watching....
Amanda Kohring
I have watched this about 10 times already!! I love seeing all of us together and just being us! Thanks for putting this together...I love it!
Great job, how can I purchase
Mike Secoy(non-registered)
That was just wonderful to watch. Love seeing such a happy family
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