Gila's Place | Custom Slide Shows


Have a ton of photographs that you aren't quite sure what to do with? Only plan to print a few but don't want all the others to fall by the wayside?

Send them to me for you own personalized slideshow DVD complete with movement, transitions, and music.

Slideshows are great for birthday parties, holidays, anniversaries, reunions, and so much more.

Ordering your personalized slideshow is a simple process and will make lasting memories of your special event.

They make great gifts for family and friends too!

Have images that you never want a friend to forget? What a thoughtful birthday present those images would make in a slideshow complete with captions, message tiles, or inside jokes.

A basic slideshow consists of 40 tiles (which can consist of a mix of images or personalized tiles), and two music selections.  All tiles contain multiple movements and actions to provide you will a smooth viewing experience.



Basic Slideshow includes the following   Additions each
Opening/ Introductory slide panel (black or white with wording)   Images (over the 40 included in the basic show)   50¢
Up to 40 digital images   Music tracks (over the two in your basic show)


Closing slide panel   Personalized slide panels (decorated personalized slide panels complete with wording.) $6  
Two (2) music tracks   Basic slide panels (black or white, with wording) $1  
4 personalized tiles or captions   Image captions 50¢
30 day online hosting (so you can easily share with friends and family)   Additional copies of the slideshow $15
















  • Create an account and upload all of your images here, at Don't worry, it's free!
  • Once you've created your account, go to the account management page. (Your view should default to this page once you have created your account.)
  • Find the "Sharing" link on the left and click it.
  • On the next screen, click the "New shared folder" button
  • On the next screen, type in your last name followed by "Slideshow"
  • Click "Next and you should return to a screen where you can now see the folder you created.
  • Click on your new folder to open it.
  • On the following page click the link at the bottom right that says "web uploader" to upload images into your slideshow folder.
  • When you click web uploader you will come to this screen and you should clcik "Choose files"
  • When the loader opens the files on your computer, find the file containing your slideshow images. Choose them by holding the shift key while clicking each image with the mouse and then c;lick open.
  • Your images will now upload into you slideshow folder in your drop box account.
  • Once your images are uploaded, go back to your "shared" folder.