Gila's Place | Dogwood Mini Sessions


Thank you for your interest in a portrait mini session !

Spring is a beautiful time of year and we hope that you will join us in spring setting at Dogwood Veterinary Hospital on April 28 to capture some memories of your own.

Pets, children, and adults all welcome!


  • Each session will last approximately 10 minutes. If you have multiple pets or children, please make sure to book an additional 10 minute time slot to allow time for additional subjects. (recommended for 3 or more subjects)
  • Each session will receive a 5x7 professional print; photographer's choice. That mean's I'll choose the best image of your session for your package print.
  • Email notifications will be sent to participants with the exact date images will be available for pick up at Dogwood (approximately two weeks after session date)
  • There will be a personal, online gallery for each session. From there you can order additional prints, gifts, and/or digital copies of your images. Information on how to do this will be provided at the time of your session and with your 5x7 print.
  • Bookings should be made by calling Dogwood Veterinary Hospital



Q & A
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Q. What should I do to make sure we are ready for our mini session?
A. Exercise right before a session for both children or pets helps them to be more settled while shooting images.

Q. Should I bring treats for my pets?
A. Treats will be provided for your pets, however, your pet may be picky and not like what we offer. It would be a good idea to bring a few of your pet's favorite treats along, just in case.

Q. If I book the additional session time for $5.00 will I receive two 5x7 prints?
A. No, not if you only book the additional time. If you books two time slots for the full $10 each, then you would get the additional 5x7.

Q. How many images will each session gallery contain?
A. That will depend on how many subjects we are shooting in each session and how cooperative they are. I would expect 6-10 images minimum, to choose from.

Q. I want to do images with both my pets and children. Any clothing suggestions for the kids?
A. Solid colors on the kids, spring or neutral colors would work best with the spring background expected.