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Help raise money for your favorite animal shelter with "Image Fix"

As a part of my photography service I offer image enhancements. I take the photographs of others and enhance them into a more desirable image.

It's a service I have offered to various businesses and marketing firms for years, but recently I have opened up the service to individuals and non-profits.

Why would someone want their images enhanced?

Some businesses use enhanced images in presentations and marketing materials. Others use their own images for advertising and promotions of their business or product line. And sometimes other photographers have hired me when they get a little behind on their workflow.

Individuals use enhanced images for a much wider variety of things.

Social networking sites and personalized greeting and e-cards are the top requested reasons for most individual image enhancements. Many other people use them for printing, wall art, scrap booking and making gift items.

I've enhanced images of people, pets. places, and things. From birthday parties to family reunions and many events in between.

Once enhanced and returned to you,the image is yours to do what you like with and the possibilities are endless.

With Image Fix you can have your snapshots enhanced and edited while supporting your local non-profit.

  • A variety of editing styles are offered. From basic to extensive and full restoration.
  • Once edited and returned to you these are your images to do with as you choose. To share, to print, whatever.
  • Choice of digital return only or an online gallery to order professional prints and products from.

HALF of the net profits of your purchase are donated to the shelter or rescue of your choice.

The process is simple.

  1. Select your favorite shelter from this list of shelters already registered. If your shelter is not yet registered, please refer them to the link below so that they may get signed up. You must choose a shelter already registered in order for them to get your donation.
  2. Email your images to Please send from the same email address you include on the starting survey below.
  3. Within 2-3 business days you will receive an email to verify your order, and will be sent a link to purchase your corrections via Paypal. NOTE: You do not have to have a Paypal account to pay online. Visa, Mastercard, debit, and checking are all accepted.
  4. Once payment is received your finished image will be emailed to you within 2-3 business days. Time may vary depending on the extent of enhancements you have requested. If you have requested to purchase professional prints or products, you will be emailed a link to your private gallery where you may order prints and a variety of products containing your images.
  5. Shelter donations are sent out on the first week of each month.

It really is that easy. You get beautifully corrected images and your favorite non-profit gets some much needed cash.

Prices starting at $6 per image (with this non profit promotion only)

Click here to get started.

Current list of registered shelters/rescues


If your favorite non-profit shelter is not listed, please forward this page to them and ask that they fill out this easy form to get enrolled. Enrollment Form

When I say "support your local shelter", I mean support your local shelter. Shelters from anywhere can participate in this program as long as they can show their nonprofit status and registration with their state's Department of Agriculture.



Q & A


Q: What types of images can I have enhanced.

A: I will enhance most images excluding any that would be considered pornographic or depict scenes of violence or abuse of any kind.

Q: How will I get my images back from you?

A: Images will be returned when completed either by email or downloadable from an online gallery.


Q: How large will I be able to print my images?

A: That depends on the size of the image file you send me. The larger the file I have to work with the larger you will be able to print it.


Q: Do you have a minimum file size that you will accept to enhance.

A: Larger fill sizes are always better but I have worked with image files as small as 300 mb and gotten decent looking 8x10's. 150 to 300 mb will work fine for online use but I cannot guarantee I can produce a printable image from that small of a file. 

Q: How will I pay for my image correction?

Digital enhancements will be billed via Paypal. If you wish to order professional prints and products, your images will be loaded into an online gallery. From there you will be able to order a number of professional produce products.

Q: What if my shelter isn't on the listed of registered shelters.

A: If your local shelter has not been verified and listed, you should encourage them to sign up. They can do so by filling out the survey by clicking here.


Q. If only 50% of the proceeds from Image Fix goes to my chosen organization, where does the rest of the money go.

A: The other 50% of your purchase goes to help pay for the software, services, and hosting costs that I incur offering these services. The internet connection is not free. The software used to edit images can run into hundreds of dollars for each program. The website you are reading this on comes with a bill each month. And the computer used to run it all was built especially for photography which means I didn't get the $399 special at Walmart when I bought it.


Have additional questions? Please submit them by clicking here.