Gila's Place | Image Restoration

Image Restoration

Old family photos or images of days long gone can sometimes be our most treasured heirlooms. Over time they can become faded, worn, and sometimes seriously damaged.




But all is not lost! With today's technology and my expertise those old images can restored to their original beauty.

You can use your restored image for:

  • Prints
  • Canvas art works
  • Greeting cards
  • Much, much more

Contact me to discuss a quote on your individual images.

Prices start for as little as $15 per image and depend on the condition of the original image.

Gift certificates are available and make the perfect gift!

Don't have a scanner?

If you live in my area and can drop images off with me, I can scan them myself and return the originals safely.

If you live a distance from me, and need to email me the images, your local library should have a scanner they will allow you to use to scan your images.

I never recommend sending original prints though the mail if they are your only copies. There's the possibility of them being lost in the mail, and therefore forever gone.