Gila's Place | Jessica Nov.2012

Jessica and Kim,

At long last your images are loading into your gallery. Thank you so much for your patience. Currently there are only 80 images i the gallery but that number will grow throughout the next 24 hours as the images are uploaded.

First thing I want to tell you about your gallery is that while some of the images have been slightly edited, these are just the proofs (examples) of the portraits you will see when you have ordered. Those that have been tweaked and edited, are only so that you can view a few of the styles of editing possible. Final edits will not be made until after you have made you selections for printing.

To choose your images, please concentrate on the pose and scene when making your selections. Don't worry about minor flaws in the skin, color, background, etc. All of those will be corrected in final processing.

Take this image for example. On the left you see the image as it was shot, with only minor tweaking. The colors are rich but there are power lines in the background that will have to be removed and other edits that will be performed before printing.

Maybe you don't care for this pose in full color and might find some creative coloring more eye catching.

The washed out colors of the creatively edited version might be more appealing to your eye.









Here's a shot pretty much straight out of the camera.


It's a lovely image but if you look closely the bra strap is showing and the background is a little distracting.

But with a little editing, it makes a nice portrait after all.

This smoother, richer form of editing is called "glamor". Skin is all smooth, colors are rich and even, and with a little touching up, the bra strap is no longer visible.

So, please just look through the images for now. I'll send you a notice on FB when all of the images in your gallery have been uploaded. (There are many more loading now)

Feel free to make any comments you like at the bottom of each image in the gallery.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call or drop me an email or FB message.

Click here to get to your gallery. Once inside the gallery, click on any image to enlarge. Click it again for largest view.