Gila's Place | Kris Hartman and Doc

Hello Kris,

By now you have had a chance to check out the images I posted of you and Doc on Facebook. I hope you have enjoyed them as much as I have enjoyed working with you and all of your images. It turned out to be a fantastic session and I am thrilled with the results.

You now have over 200 images to choose from!

The images you have viewed on Facebook are fully edited and ready for print.

The gallery containing all of your images shows a mix of a few different editing styles and basic post processed proofs.

After you have had a chance to look them all over, I'll edit images you wish to purchase, to your specific needs. After I have finished the editing, I will load them online for you to order.

The first image shown here is fully edited.

The second image is an example of a basic post processed image, and as you can see, it will require additional editing.

For this image, I would remove your boot, probably cover your knee by cloning your skirt down a bit, and of course boost and enhance the colors in the background to liven it up a bit. I'd add a little color to your leg and possibly remove the log in the background. I'd also blur the background just a tad to offer a little depth in the image.

The image shown on the bottom left is what I call glamor editing. This kind of editing casts a little bit of a glow on the image, smooths lines, and allows a bit of a color pop along with a slight blur. To me, it makes a more intimate image for the viewing eye.

I can make the images black and white, antique toned, bleached, anything you like. I'll send you links of the examples if you don't recognize them when going through your gallery.

All editing is included at no additional charge. I want your portraits to be exactly what you are after, and images you will be proud to share for years to come.

Shooting time for the session was 2 hours, which is $100.00, and if you will kindly send me your email address I will invoice you for that now. The invoice will come from my Paypal account, or if you would rather, you can pay me by cash or check.

Normally it would have been a $50.00 deposit up front and the balance payable the day of the shoot, but we kind of skipped all those formalities.

You'll pay for any prints when they are ordered. You may order them online or I can order them for you, which ever is easiest.

If you order $200 or more in prints or products containing your images, you can get a discount of 10% using this coupon code at checkout, KRISDOC12. The coupon will expire on December 10,2012.

Please feel free to make any comments on the images in the gallery. Tell me what you think of them, how you would like to have them edited, etc. You may go ahead and share any that DO contain my watermark as they are fully edited.

I ask that you do not share anything not watermarked with my logo until you have made your choices and I have them edited and reloaded for you.

I have the pricing loaded in the gallery for you to view, but please do not place any orders until you have made all your final decisions on which prints you want.

If you have any questions about purchasing digital copies of your images, or would like to order any specialty products, books, etc. please reference this page for details. As always you can call me with any questions you may have.