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Memorial DVD Slideshows

Memorial DVD Slideshows: A cherished family heirloom

What better way to create a cherished heirloom than with images of the life of your loved one?

Memorial DVD’s are a thoughtful way to celebrate the life of your loved one, and a way to share their life with family and friends. 

A heartfelt way to show remembrance at memorial visitations, the ultimate tribute to the dearly departed, your slideshow transitions images of your loved one across the screen continuously throughout services.

Each DVD begins with a personalized memorial slide including the name of the deceased, date of birth, and their date of passing.

Music plays throughout the video as it continuously loops moving and transitioning images, nonstop.

Two music selections are included with the basic DVD but you may choose to make additional selections. Should you not choose the music for the slideshow, I’ll be happy to apply classical selections.

To create your DVD I accept images that are printed (I’ll scan them) or in digital form.

You may add images to your show for a total of up to a combination of 200 images or slides. (See options)

No matter how many images are in your memorial DVD, the show will loop and play continuously, unattended, for as long as you leave the player on.

Generally, a basic slideshow of 40 images with 2 musical selections runs 5-9 minutes (depending on the musical selection length), before looping back to the beginning of your images.

You may also choose additional options such as slide panels that contain things like scriptures, favorite quotes or sayings, family information, etc. These will be scatter throughout your memorial show and are recommended to further personalize your DVD,

Your slideshow will be available online for 30 days following services. This enables you to share your memories online with friends and relatives that are unable to attend services. A link will be provided to you as soon as the slideshow is online.

Additionally I’ll create a custom digital announcement using the image of your choice, at no extra charge. Announcements contain image, date of birth, and date of passing, visitation and service dates and times.  Cards will be emailed to you and are suitable for printing and/or sharing online.

Each Memorial DVD Slideshow package includes:

  • Introduction slide panel at the beginning of your slideshow containing the name, birth and passing date of your loved one
  • Up to 40 continuously looping images. (See options for additional images)
  • 2 music selections
  • Multiple unique  transitions/movements throughout the show
  • 30 day online access for family and friends unable to attend memorials services (Easily shared through email and social networking)
  • Custom digital announcement

Memorial DVD Options

Additional Images
Additional music selections
Additional personalized slide panels
Additional copies of your memorial DVD
Archival disc of your scanned images (digital files of the paper images I have scanned for the slideshow)
Printable 4x8 digital Memorial Card

Have questions? Check out the question and answer section of this page by clicking here.

* A special thanks to the family of Larry Mueller for allowing me to use this slideshow as a preview.

RIP Larry. We miss you every day.




Q & A

Q. What music selections do you offer?
A. I can acquire almost any musical selection you can think of. Each selection is purchased and download when you have made your choice.

Q. What is a personal slide panel?
A. A personal slide panel is an image basically. It contains words used to describe your loved one, a favorite quote, or possibly a scripture. It can begin as a blank tile or an image of your dearly departed. Possibly a favorite image of your loved one. Their favorite place, pet, activity, etc.