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Having a website for your business in today's digital world is an absolute must. A business without a website in 2012 is like a business without a storefront in the 80's and years beyond that.

You simply must have a place to show off your products and services and where better to do that than on the world wide web, where 78% of American households research and/or buy their goods and services?

Websites are the "face" of your business on the web, so you want them to be as eye catching and easy to navigate as possible. You want to pull in your audience, and not only make it simple to view and purchase products and services from your site, but captivate your audience, enticing them to explore your website pages.

Your website should provide all the useful information about your business, show products and services your business offers, and open lines of communication between you and your potential customers. Your website should do all this and do so in an easily navigated environment.

There are so many details that go into making a great website; all the way from the from the design of your site header to the key wording buried in the coding of your pages.All to make your website a huge success.

If you are in the market for an online "Face" that your proud of, and would like to make your digital presence known worldwide, please contact me through the contact form on my website so we can get you started. (In your correspondence please include your full name, telephone number, a good time to call, and any links to any preexisting website(s) included in your needs.)

I will design and build your website, connect it to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media sites and get your site into search engines reaching a broader audience.

Custom designed, basic five (5) page site starting at $400.00
                (pages are a standard 1000 x 3000

  • Custom designed page header for your entire site
  • Home page (splash of everything your business offers)
  • 3 custom pages specific to your business
  • Contact page
  • Integration of social media
  • Key wording for web engines
  • Hosting fees as little as $9.95 per month


It's very simple. You provide me with the information and images you would like on your site and I'll do the rest.

Already have a website but want it re-designed? Send me a message from the contact form and let's discuss your website needs.

The folks at Crooked Creek Ranch raise award winning German Shepherd dogs and make mouthwatering hot sauces, both of which take a considerable amount of effort and leaving little time in the day to do much else.

The owners of Crooked Creek Ranch are not website designers. They breed dogs, grow organic vegetables, and produce hot sauce.

They know very little about coding, have no idea what "coordinates" are on a web page, and have almost zero time left in their day to learn. The absence of key wording on their site showed they knew nothing about how to key word their website pages to get the audiences of the top web search engines.

So they put up their website with what they were able to learn from the web. They displayed their business information the best they knew how, but were unable to get everything to fall into the order they could see in their own minds.

The site came out jumbled up and a little unruly and not at all easy to find your way around. The information was out there, pretty or not, oh well. There were more pressing things to do in a day than learn to do website coding.

Crooked Creek Ranch is a well run operation. They are a state inspected dog breeding facility that is accustomed to organization, order and discipline. They produce top notch culinary hot sauces and follow the strict guidelines of the FDA and Country Health Department to do so.

Their website was not a true reflection of their business. It was not at all like the business it represents.

But we're working on it.

Examples of a re-designed site.

Original page of Crooked Creek Ranch

















Original Home page for Crooked Creek Ranch website















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Re-design of Crooked Creek Ranch    Re-design of Crooked Creek Ranch website by Gila Todd