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Image by Kara Brothers ***As of April 20th, Olivia is still missing. We can only hope that wherever she is, she is safe and loved.


I learned about Olivia through Kara Brothers.

Kara's part of the Humane Society of Henderson County, KY. who does a lot for their area's animals. She's a volunteer as well as a board member for the shelter. The beautiful photos attached were taken by Kara.

Olivia was rescued by the shelter as a young pup and adopted out shortly after.

But not long after the adoption, The Humane Society of Henderson County was contacted by Evansville Animal Control telling them that they had picked Olivia up as a stray. She was returned to Henderson County immediately, where she ended up for adoption, yet again. She was a sweet dog but terrified in the shelter environment.

I fell in love with Olivia at first sight. If my home weren't already filled to the brim with my hard luck babies I would have been on the drive to pick Olivia up myself, back in October of 2012, after her first return to the Henderson County shelter.

As it happened, I shared Olivia's adoption/foster plea photos on my Facebook wall and low and behold one of the girls on my friend list fell in love with Olivia too. She shared her photographs with her then boyfriend, who agreed that Olivia would be a great new family member.

So the pair made the drive to Kentucky, from Missouri, and rescued Olivia bringing her back to Missouri to live, happily ever after.

Unfortunately, happily ever after only happens in fairy tales, and life has a way of changing everything.

A split up, new living arrangements, and a job that takes Garrett out of town for weeks at a time, does not make a good living environment for Olivia.

With no other options, Olivia's human pair did the right thing and contacted the Kentucky shelter to let them know of their predicament.

But now, it is up to the Humane Society of Henderson County to do what is right for Olivia, and find her a new home so that she doesn't have to return to the shelter. She was terrified there before. And after living the good life for several months, it's sure that the shelter would frighten her even more so now.

Olivia was transferred to foster care in Cape Girardeau, Mo. ~~~~~

Image by Kara Brothers There is much to know about Olivia, and she does come with a few issues that anyone interested in her should know about.

She's very sweet and loves to play, but she is frightened by small children and is not at all a fan of cats. It is not recommended that Olivia be placed in a home that has either.

Olivia is just over a year old and needs some attention and guidance.

An ideal situation for Olivia would be an attentive owner(s) willing to put in the time required for confidence training and obedience along beside a professional trainer. A little structure would do her a world of good.

Olivia would do well to be in a home with a single, confident, well established yet non aggressive dog, to help her come out of her shell and provide her with a little doggie guidance.

She's very shy at first, but once you've earned Olivia's trust she's nothing but a ton of love and kisses and so willing to please. She's ready to play, to snuggle, to bum around with; she's game for anything you are.

Olivia is up to date on her shots, heartworm negative, and has already been spayed and microchipped. The only thing she is missing is a family of her own.

If you are interested in meeting Olivia, please contact Garrett (573-318-0273) to set up a get together. 

Olivia currently resides in Chaffee, Mo. where she will remain until March 31. If she isn't fostered or adopted by that time she will be transported back to Henderson County, Ky. where she will be placed back in the shelter, for the third time.

Please don't let this happen. Share this post in any way you can and try to help us find the right home for Olivia.

No dog deserves to be returned to the shelter life again and again. This girl deserves a home and a loving family to call her own. Please help us make that happen.


Images by: Kara Brothers
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