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What a drag it is getting old

September 15, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I lived through one of the worst cases of heartworms the vet had ever seen. I've battled whip worms on more than one occasion. I've been shot in the face and had teeth blown out of my jaw. As I age, many of my remaining teeth are worn. I have a tumor in one eye and a cataract in the other and between the two I have only a fraction of my vision. My hips are stiff and walking is getting harder every day.

But I am faithful and devoted to my family. I stand vigilant against anything that might cause my loved ones any harm. I'd give my life for any one of them and never bat an eye.

I am faithful and loyal because I am loved and well cared for. I am pampered and treated as part of a family unit.

I adore my momma and she adores me. It's a mutual and deep appreciation.

My momma doesn't care what a grumpy old man I can be because she knows the value of my love and companionship. When she made me hers, she knew it was for the whole of my life no matter where she moved, who entered her life or left it, or what the cost of my care would be. She's stayed true to her promise to me.

Having pets is a privilege that no one should take lightly or for granted. My life is short. Enjoy me while you can. When I am gone, you'll only be left with memories. Make every one of them count. I'm worth it.


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