Gila's Place | Carrie Statler of Perryville convicted of misdemeanor animal neglect

Carrie Statler of Perryville convicted of misdemeanor animal neglect

January 30, 2014  •  Leave a Comment

Carrie Statler appeared in a Perry County court room Jan. 28, pleading guilty to Class C misdemeanor animal neglect.

In early December Statler abandoned her dog, Xavier, denying him food and water and left him without adequate shelter in zero degree temperatures. Xavier died from malnourishment, dehydration, and exposure to the elements.

Judge Michael J. Bullerdieck imposed the sentence of a $300.00 fine plus $108.00 court costs based on recommendations from Prosecutor Thomas L. Hoeh. It is unclear why the prosecutor neglected to ask the judge for the maximum sentence in this case.

Missouri law, section 578.009 states:

1. A person is guilty of animal neglect if he has custody or ownership or both of an animal and fails to provide adequate care.

2. A person is guilty of abandonment if he has knowingly abandoned an animal in any place without making provisions for its adequate care.

3. Animal neglect and abandonment is a class C misdemeanor upon first conviction and for each offense, punishable by imprisonment or a fine not to exceed five hundred dollars, or both.

According to witnesses, Statler appeared agitated and disagreeable with the sentence she received while Perry County citizens were upset by the leniency of the prosecutor in this case. Xavier died an agonizing death and most felt Statler should have received the maximum sentence, or worse.

It is cases like Statler's, and others, that dictate a need for harsher penalties for animal abuse and neglect in the Missouri court system.

If you have questions or concerns about this case, contact Prosecuting Attorney, Thomas L. Hoeh at email address, or by writing to P.O. Box 570, Perryville, Mo., 63775. Call the prosecutor’s office at (573) 547-1023 or send a fax to (573) 547-4718.


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January 30, 2014
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