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I just adore canvas mounted images!

April 30, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Love, love, love canvas mounted images! They are so sleek and artsy looking it drives me wild. Clean cut and precise, no need for a frame, and they add so much depth to your interior. They're pricey too, which is why not many people invest in them.


So, I was thrilled when Kara sent me shots of her recently printed session, on canvas.

The boo boo happened just before the shoot did. It was touch and go for awhile folks, but the crisis ended soon enough, and two little girls were having a blast playing dress up in the back yard. Boa's, beads, hats, frilly dresses, sidewalk chalk, and a sand box. What more could you ask for?


Good times ensued.

I do feel bad that I promised Lylah that I would edit out her new boo boo, and I didn't. Somehow that boo boo mattered and I couldn't bring myself to take it out of the memory. I hope that she will forgive me someday :-) 


I love it that this session came out looking exactly as it was; real. Two cousins, best pals, playing and doing their thing.


And real life boo boos. Even the little ones that shape us into who we become.



I love the canvases! Thanks for sharing them with me, Kara. I hope they bring you many years of smiles and good memories.







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