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Walking the dog

June 29, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

I am going to rant just a little. Well, a lot really, because people just really get on my nerves sometimes. They get on my last nerve; and they bungee jump on it.


Now, I am all for people who will do for animals and speak up for them. But I am really sick of these ego building, wanna be animal advocates, that do what they do just so they can get on Facebook to post about it. I am sick to death of people who jump to conclusions and make very harsh judgements without all the facts. That happens a lot in animal rescue. I try to check myself when I find myself in such a situation.


So, as I sat down to my PC this evening, I see a notification that I have been tagged on a FB post. People have gotten good at limiting what they tag me in, so if I am getting tagged, it's probably relevant.

I clicked, and here it was.

The woman making the post was correct about the weather being incredibly hot lately and it is for sure that the pavement is warm to the touch. However, the dog is clearly within reach of walking into the grass if it's feet get hot. Dogs are smart like that. 


In my opinion, the woman posting this was overreacting. She does that frequently and takes to doing it on FB when she's really wound up.  At this point I wasn't sure if I was being tagged because someone thought I should know about this dog being walked on hot pavement or to show me that Brenda was flipping out about an animal on FB, again.


What was disturbing to me is that Brenda had actually stopped on the side of a main highway, to scold someone about walking their dog on a hot day, telling them to take off their shoes, and taking their picture. I mean, who does that?  Apparently Brenda does, and she feels justified having done so.


Most days I might have just deleted the tag and gone on about my evening, but worse than this over zealous advocate verbally assaulting someone on the side of the rode and taking their picture, was her pack of back patters cheering her on for her "good deed".


I felt compelled to comment, so I did.  


As you can probably guess that didn't go over very well.


Brenda and I bantered back and forth a bit, she deleted my comments. She deleted me from her friend list so I couldn't comment further. We exchanged a couple of private messages and when that didn't go over well either, she blocked me. Suits me. She's a crazy old gal. Because I used the term "my ass" in one of our exchanges, she told everyone on the original post that I has resulted to cussing her and she had to block me. Like I said, crazy. 


Relieved I wouldn't have to deal with her madness in my FB feed ever again, I put it to rest and went on about my evening.


Later I got a message from a friend of mine that asked, "Did you see what I posted on FB earlier?" My FB time had been limited to dealing with Brenda earlier in the evening. That was enough for me, I signed out and hadn't seen anything else.

But on cue, I clicked on over to my friend's FB profile to read whatever it was that she had posted.


It was interesting.



I have known Janet for a number of years. She was actually one of my employees at one time. She is a hardworking, intelligent, and  compassionate individual. She is my friend.


I cannot imagine how weirded out she must have been when Brenda spun her car around to come back and scold her, roadside, and take her picture.


I get the whole thing with animal advocates speaking up and out for animals. I am an animal advocate. I speak out all the time. But people, snap judgements and crazy behavior just don't help the cause. As a matter of fact, it could get you hurt or land you in jail, so think before you jump in both feet first.


I wish Janet had called her son. He's a policeman.


I didn't even know it was Janet walking her dog in the picture when Brenda first posted about it. I was just mortified that Brenda acted as she did and I voiced my opinion. After finding out who Brenda was posting about, the whole situation graduated to laughable.


This is Suzy. She's Janet's "baby".


Suzy appeared at Janet and Danny's over a year ago, out of nowhere. Janet took Suzy to the vet to have her looked at and get her shots up to date. She spent several weeks trying to find Suzy's owners, to no avail. Danny and Janet weren't really in the market for  pet. They live alone. Their children are grown. Pets are a responsibility. But they just couldn't bring themselves to turn Suzy into the local shelter.


Since then, Suzy enjoys an easy way to go. She's right at home with Janet and Danny and they treat her better than many children are treated. She lives in a climate controlled home, eats very well, sees a vet regularly, and receives tons of love and affection.


She follows Danny around the property keeping things inspected and clearing the perimeter of moles.


Suzy walks with Janet in the evenings and with crazy people like Brenda living right down the rode it's good they have each other for protection.


To all the Brenda's of the world. Get a grip. Think before you open your mouth. I know it's hard, that thing called restraint. Get your facts straight before you go shooting off your mouth and looking like a fool, and making the rest of us animal nuts looks like fools right along with you. Keep your special kind of crazy in check, please.


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