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A couple of my babies

April 02, 2017  •  1 Comment

Kylie and Kaiden have been living in Florida for the past couple of years. They have grown up sooo so much in that time. This weekend they got to do some catching up with Nany.

When Kylie moved away she wasn't much on having her picture taken. She used to give me these real hard looks like she thought it would stop me from taking the pictures.

She was more cooperative today. I think she actually enjoyed getting her pictures taken this time.

She's a darling child. She's smart as a whip, outspoken, and very confident. In other words she's a handful.

Earlier, we had her hair pulled up, all cute looking, but just before our little photo shoot she decided she just want to let it all hang down. We compromised. We pulled it back instead of up.

And meet Kaden.

Kaiden is a hot mess.

He's a darling child too, and every bit the little-big-mess his father was, and then some. He too, is sharp as a whip, and pays attention to your every move. Let him catch you not paying attention for even a second and he's into something he knows he shouldn't be.

He's three, and plays the part well, and what can I expect, right?

He wore me out.

He keeps his sister, Kylie, on her toes his every waking minute. She says he gives her a headache.

"Like this," she says.

"Oh the drama," she tells me.

And she's so serious when she says these very mature things.

And Kaiden, when you ask him if he flushed the washrag down Nany's toilet?

Is a verbal confirmation even necessary?

All in all I think these two are thick as thieves. I love the stuffin' out of them, hot messes that they are.

They hang together pretty tight.

I don't remember exactly what provoked this look, but I am guessing is was a "no" response to one of her many requests.

We are missing dear Karsen. He's a little too young to stay over at Nany's just yet. (At least when I am trying to wrangle these two.) I'm looking forward to another nice day when we can include his sweet smile in the mix.


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They are beautiful children!
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