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Family birthdays

September 17, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

My mother's birthday was the first of the month; my niece Zoey's in late August. My sister, Zoey's mom, put together a family gathering over the weekend to celebrate.

There was a slight hitch.

Zoey was led to believe it was a party just for Granny.

See, Granny got to wear the crown and everything.

What a surprise when we sang Happy Birthday to.......Zoey!


It was great. Zoey was happy to get her cake and a few gifts! (We love these little cakes from Aldi, they are Zo's favorite) And of course she ending up getting to wear the crown!



Amanda loves to pull off a good surprise. She almost looks devilish doesn't she? :-)



We had a nice afternoon visit. We were missing several people but it was so good to sit around and just talk to everyone and enjoy the kids.

My sister Marcy has the greatest laugh ever.



The kids had such a great time. Elly was a little doll as always. She's so bouncy and upbeat and has a smile for everyone.



She loves to do her nails and just had to make sure I took a picture of her "splashed paint" look. She was so proud of the design.


Little Mr. Hudson eluded my lens most of the day. He's fast, and when I did get his attention he got overly concerned with what I might be doing.



With Claire not in attendance to challenger her, Zoey just hung out and soaked everything in.


Happy Birthday Zo!


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