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August 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

Late last year I lost both of my kitties. Both were right around 17 years old. Cleo  had been with me since she was a kitten.  Eddie was about two when he came to live with us.  

Long time companions and both of them gone within a couple of weeks of each other. I was devastated.

It was strange to have a cat free home for the first time in almost two decades. Right after they both passed away, I had my first mouse in longer than I could remember. Even in their declining health neither Cleo, nor Eddie, ever allowed a mouse in the house except for the ones Ry kept as pets. Cleo actually played with those. This unexpected visiting mouse was not welcome, and it finally took a cat to move him on his way. But I digress.

It was an adjustment having no cats, but I managed, and had honestly vowed to myself, "no more cats for me." The dogs were more than enough to keep me busy, entertained, and broke. I was good with that.

Long story short, I got handed a sad story about this beautiful girl, and guess where she lives now? She's the grumpy cat I post pics of on FB and even though she looks mad all the time, she really is a very pleasant little girl.

Meet Crystal. She's a diva, no joke.


She's nothing but a fur ball- a tiny little body under all that cottony fur. She was full of knots when I first got her. So much so I just shaved her instead of trying to brush her out. She would have hated me for sure. Not that she loved me over the clippers, but it was better than hours of tugging and pulling at her sensitive skin. She's not fully grown out yet, but at least no mats of fur to struggle with.


She's got this super smashed face, and of course the watery eyes that all flat faced kitties seem to struggle with. But she's picky about herself, cleans well, abides by the constant eye cleaning by me, and actually seems to enjoy a good brushing. 

Did I mention the word Diva? She really is. She struts all over the place like she owns it.

Crystal's not into other cats at all and merely tolerates the other little kitty I got talked into. (She's a whole other story) No major cat fights between the two but they each have their own territories, one venturing into the others only rarely.

She didn't like the dogs at first but now owns them all, even without a single front claw. And she bawls if you try and pet anyone but her. She has taken over my desktop and enjoys frequently shoving everything on top of it, off in the floor.

A friend of mine built her a cat tree so that she would be able to lay in the windows, up high, where the dogs wouldn't bother her as she basked in all her cattiness. She digs butterflies, and with the petunias right outside of the window, she gets to see a few of those. When she does, she gets wild looking if they get too close to the glass.

She's real "catty", and like I said a little diva, but a blessing non the less. She's got lots of personality and companionship for everyone around her.


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