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August 25, 2016  •  1 Comment

When I was a kid, my Aunt Edna crocheted all the time. I had more than one crocheted hat, scarf, and poncho in my younger years. I bugged Aunt Edna enough that she taught me how to do a few stitches and put them all together; enough to make afghans, ornaments, hats, scarves, and all kids of cool stuff. 

Much to my surprise, my mother asked me to teach her how. I was eleven. It was weird teaching my mother anything.

But she took right off with it. I'd make a couple of things then put it down for awhile. I had other fun things to do at eleven.

But my mom was all over it, hours at a time, crocheting away. And she made beautiful afghans. Naturally everyone in the family had one as did most of our friends. She'd make them for folks by request.

It's been over 35 years now.

And over the years she's played with hats, scarves, and other smaller projects; still crochets all the time. She could do it in her sleep and never miss a stitch. To this day you can walk in her living room and the coffee table is piled with granny squares, or a big tote full by her chair. People that visit my mother know just what I mean. She's taught herself how to do different patters, work with different yarns, and make little side projects, but her afghans are just the bomb and she cranks them out like nobody's business.

I told her she should put her work online. She doesn't want to Etsy; that requires too much technical stuff like emails, bank account hookups or PayPal, and she's having none of that. (We liked to never got her on Facebook, I am not pushing it) I won't even go into how I think she might feel about learning eBay.

So, Mama's going to get her own little corner of Gila's Place. A place to show her work.

It's all for sale, and for a steal too. I tried to tell her that her prices were too low but she's says she gets her money back on the yarn, and a little extra, and she's good with that. She just loves to crochet. I think it's a habit :-)

So check out her gorgeous creations by clicking here. You can see what she has available.  She still takes special orders.



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